New G7 Policing Website Launched 14/04/2021

Published: 15 April 2021

Devon & Cornwall Police have launched a new website to provide members of the public with more information on policing and security planning ahead of the G7 Summit.

The website will be used by the Force to update members of the public, businesses, media and protest groups with relevant information.

Superintendent Jo Hall of Devon & Cornwall Police confirmed: “We welcome the challenge and the opportunity to lead the policing operation for the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Cornwall this summer.

“The new website is a great way for us to keep in regular contact with everyone affected by the G7 Summit and for those who are interested in how we will be policing the event.”

Information available on the website includes: a news section, community information, details for protest groups and our approach on this, how the Summit will impact residents, visitors and businesses both locally and regionally – including an FAQ section.

The new G7 policing website can be viewed at: