Council Staff


Town Clerk

Mrs M J Mills MILCM

The Town Clerk is responsible for the overall management of the Council’s work, advising the Council and ensuring its decisions are carried out. The Town Clerk is responsible for all the Council’s legal, financial and administrative affairs. TheTown Clerk is contracted for 30 hours a week including evening meetings as required.



Assistant Town Clerk

Mrs Pat Moores

The Assistant Town Clerk is responsible for the efficient and effective day to day running of the office. She has primary responsibility for specific areas of the Council’s work and works 18 hours per week and on occasion extra hours by arrangement.



Administration Apprentice

Miss Tina Tucker

The Administration Apprentice covers all general office duties and assisting other office staff as required.



Deputy Town Clerk

Mr Guy Langton


Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team are responsible for the overall maintenance of the public areas. They work 35 hours per week.

Tim Martin

Ivan Heuze

Dominic Callebaut

Dean Stewardson

Rob Smith