Climate Change - What can you do?

Things you can do …
Everyone needs to do their bit and small changes you make can have a big impact. But where do we start? A few ideas are listed below ...

First, what is your Carbon Footprint?
Your carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide you contribute to the atmosphere through your lifestyle. How does it compare to the average UK or global citizen? The World Wildlife Fund tool will estimate your carbon footprint.
If you want something more extensive, one of our local low carbon champions has developed this Carbon Calculator.
For businesses, try this one.

You can sign up to Energy 361's free member programme.
Then, they'll send you practical tips and advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint, one week at a time. They'll let you know about local climate events, and offers and discounts from climate friendly products and services. We've worked with Energy 361 for some time promoting their home energy advice service - a great local social enterprise supporting our residents and businesses in reducing their carbon impact.
It can all be daunting at first, so here's some lazy ways to be environmentally friendly.