Committees, Agendas & Minutes

Full Council

The Full Council meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 6pm through zoom.


The Planning Committee meets twice a month at 6pm on a Wednesday or Thursday. Agendas on the website will confirm the date. All meetings will be by zoom. Members – Cllrs Davis, Hames, Laws, Manley, Newman-McKie, Sargent, Shelley, Tisdale and the Mayor (Ex-Officio) One Vacancy

Finance & Human Resources

The Finance and Human Resources Committee and meets monthly, with meetings being 10.00am and 6pm alternate months. All meetings are by zoom. Members are Ms Manley, Mrs Hodson, Mrs McCarthy, Edwards, Himan, Laws, Leather Chairman, Sargent, Tisdale and the Mayor(ex-officio) Cllrs Laws and Tisdale attend as Chairs of their respective Committees. In the event that the Chair of Northam Burrows and the Chair of Town Projects are not existing members they will be appointed onto the Committee with full voting rights.

Town Projects

The Town Projects and Asset Management Committee meets on the first Monday each month, alternating between a and 6pm start by zoom. Members – Cllrs Chalmers, Davis, Edwards, Hames, Hodson, Laws, Leather, McCarthy, Shelley, Tisdale amd the Mayor (Ex-Officio)

Northam Burrows

The Northam Burrows Committee meets every other month on the second Monday of the month at 10am. Graziers and Forum meetings are also held on a regular basis. Members – Cllrs Edwards, Hames, Hodson, Laws, Sargent, Shelley, Tisdale and the Mayor (Ex-Officio)

Climate Emergency Committee

Members: Hodson, Chalmers, Hames, Newman-McKie. There are three co-opted members of the public, Ms Annabel Hill, Ms Phoebe Gibb and Mr Tom Wiersma The committee meets monthly at 10.00 am by zoom, please check agendas for dates.

Review Committee

Members - Cllrs Hodson, Edwards, Laws, Leather, Shelley, Tisdale and the Mayor (ex-officio). Meetings are currently by zoom on a monthly basis, please check agendas for dates and times.

Westward Ho! Park Committee

Members - Cllrs Hodson, Davis, Edwards, Laws, Mrs McCarthy and the Mayor (ex-officio) and co-opted members of the public. Non-councillor members - Mrs Hutchins, Mrs Jones, Mr Makeig-Jones and Mr Sawyer This committee will initially meet every three weeks by zoom, please see agendas for dates and times.

Northam Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Group

Members - Cllrs Chalmers, Hames, Hodson, Laws and Shelley, non councillor members are Mr G Allen, Ms E Bartleman, and Ms J Smart. Meetings are evenings at 6pm monthly by zoom. Please see agendas for dates.